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We have noticed a great improvement in Roadrunner's on time service in the last six months. American Greetings
We have really seen a huge improvement over the last year or so. We have so much more confidence in Roadrunner now than we did. It's really been a big change. US Specialty Coatings
They were able to get a driver over to a pickup location same day when the other carrier notified us they would not be picking up that day. Dry food products & home goods manufacturer 
I noticed my freight was moving over the weekend and it’s consistently on-time. Message Tools, Carlsbad, CA
Roadrunner is now picking up 29% of our outbound freight!! Its the highest of our carrier pool. We love that we never have missed pickups and we love our driver! Auto Parts Components, Fort Worth, Texas
We have great communication to make sure freight is picked up same day. Nan Fang Distribution

"Your hard work and efforts are appreciated...

Just wanted to let you know that we had a rep from another company stop by. He asked who we worked with at RR. Of course we said Warren, but said you help us daily, that you are our go to, you’ve been with us for so long etc.

He told us he had just visited another company who sung your praises as well. He even wrote your name down in case they wanted to steal you away from RR and us LOL

Just thought I would let you know your hard work and helpfulness is noted and appreciated!😊 😊"

"My go-to for transportation needs for 23 years...

I'd like to express my appreciation for the folks at Roadrunner. You have been my go to for transportation needs for 23 years. I've had the pleasure of working with and meeting many drivers, dispatchers and customer service reps who go the distance to meet my company’s needs. My current driver and account rep have been exceptional during the current supply chain issues. Again a sincere thank you."

"The best customer service...

I couldn’t be happier with the Roadrunner team. It is definitely the best customer service I have here. I tell everyone that comes in that Reggie and Anthony are two of the best drivers that come in here. I have both of their personal cell phone numbers and I get a hold of them anytime I need to. Carl is on top of everything that I need. He always responds and gets me the info I need."

  • Source Building Products

"I have been very impressed with the 'new' roadrunner...

Pick ups are made without issue, my product is delivered almost always on time with no damage. I am a fan of Roadrunner. To be honest I stopped using Roadrunner several years back because nothing ever worked. Keep up the good work."

"The service has been great...

Glad we are able to trust in Roadrunner's service. They asked for a shot and definitely proved themselves as a reliable partner. Any small issues have been taken care of in a timely manner. Pick ups are made on time and deliveries have been timely."

"Focus on targeted lanes...

Roadrunner service has improved since the new focus on targeted lanes. We are getting much fewer service complaints than in years past."

"Customer of roadrunner freight for many years...

and will continue to support their innovative service."

"Great service at an affordable rate...

Very pleased with the service of Roadrunner!"

"Your service has really improved...

Keep up the great work."

  • Audio and visual equipment manufacturer and distributor - Customer for 5+ years

"Everything has been amazing...

Lynda has done an amazing job of assisting us with any concerns we may have and she has been keeping us updated on our current shipments and pick-ups."

  • Lead Order Processor

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