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Working with Big Box Retailers

Every business is taking time to adapt in our constantly changing world. Managing safety, communication and planning for the future are prevalent focuses for every business right now.

While it may seem like a difficult time to break into the retail space as a vendor, Roadrunner Freight can help your goods keep moving through this challenging time. As you work on trying to grow your business and navigate agreements with box retailers, you may find that shipping your goods to retailers comes with many challenges.

We understand how important it is for you to get your product to customers and how your choice in carriers can reflect your success in the retail vertical. At Roadrunner Freight, we share that same mission. Our commitment is to ship your goods safely, on time and damage free while meeting each retailer's compliance regulations.

Here's what we can offer your business:

  • Reliable LTL shipping that complies with big box retailers' delivery expectations. Our team's experience in the retail vertical market gives you an edge. Contact us today to begin a partnership and help you overcome any retail or shipping-related challenges.

  • Assistance navigating your needs, challenges and opportunities. Rely on us to educate you on the rules and expectations involved with shipping to many retailers. Learn about opportunities you have as a vendor with some of our big box retailer relationships. 
  • Capacity. Ship one pallet or many pallets. We'll maintain our flexibility to meet your business's needs.

  • Access to major metros across the US. With 29 brick and mortar locations, our extensive network keeps your goods moving across the country.
  • Dependability. We have a dynamic network and a large over the road fleet of drivers to support your shipments and navigate our network.


Let's Get Started!

Our Commitment to You

At Roadrunner Freight, we are committed to providing high quality, scalable solutions for our LTL shippers.

We have made significant operational improvements resulting in the reduction of transit times in over 320+ lanes across 29 major markets. Our team is dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience, and our reduced transit times align with our commitment to SHIP IT LIKE YOU OWN IT, which means we treat every shipment as if it is our own.

View our Transit Maps: