Smart Guarantee
Terms and Conditions

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Guaranteed Service Summary Terms & Conditions

All shipments made through Roadrunner's Smart Guarantee program are subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Guaranteed Commitment: if your freight does not arrive by the end of the business day for the published transit time, you will not be charged
  • Selecting Guaranteed: guaranteed service can be added to your shipment via your normal booking process with Roadrunner and is available across all order channels: 
  • Select ‘Guaranteed’ when booking through Roadrunner’s website
  • Call your sales representative and tell them you’d like to guarantee your order 
  • Call Roadrunner customer service and tell them you’d like to guarantee your order: 1-855-776-3567
  • Write ‘Guaranteed’ on your Bill of Lading (BOL) under the consignee name or in the special instructions box 
  • Select ‘Guaranteed’ if booking through a third-party website, such as a 3PL 
  • Cost of Service: 25% of net freight cost (excluding fuel and accessorials), subject to a $75 minimum 
  • Filing a Claim: if Roadrunner fails to meet its guaranteed service commitment, simply email with the
    pro # and a brief description of the failure, and we’ll waive 100% of your bill
  • Eligibility & Exclusions: Guaranteed service is available only in select lanes – see Roadrunner’s website to determine
    if your shipment is eligible. Certain types of freight are excluded from guaranteed service (e.g. unpalletized freight) –
    see Roadrunner’s rules tariff section 891
     for a complete list of exclusions and a full description of the guaranteed service offering